For Marine Experts

Essex Yacht Law Group can:
  • Engage and coordinate with owners yacht construction surveyors to confirm compliance with your contract protocols.
  • Negotiate and monitor yacht restoration and refit contracts to assure conformity with restoration/refit agreement and established protocols.
  • Research and review proposed yacht restoration proposals in conjunction with world class yacht surveyors and project managers to assure conformity with projected project specifications to reduce cost overruns, mitigate loss risk exposure and assure compliance with applicable insurance and yacht classification requirements.
  • Coordinate with Project Engineers  to assure compliance with contract deadlines in avoidance of cost overruns, delivery delays and unexpected change order charges.
  • Maintain computer generated compliance with contract deadlines, extended change orders and cost overrun surcharges based on time of essence contract compliance requirements.
  • Assure compliance with warranty deadline notification requirements and accumulation of documentation regarding warranty claims and remediation requirements.

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