Essex Yacht Law Group can:

  • Arrange for an independent FMV analysis. If you want to sell your yacht for the highest price possible under the current market conditions, the most advantageous approach is to obtain an independent yacht valuation survey in advance or contemporaneous  with listing the yacht for sale. Similar to a pre-sale appraisal of real estate, a pre-listing yacht valuation survey may establish a market price point separate from that of the listing broker and provide the seller with an objective basis for an independent stated asking price. Not meant to replace or substitute for a purchaser's own condition survey, a seller's market valuation survey substantially removes the subjective  price point analysis and second guessing regarding what the current market conditions may support for a particular yacht. 
  • preliminary pre-listing yacht survey may also disclose for the the seller's benefit the existence of certain conditions of the yacht that should be remedied before it is placed on the market for closer scrutiny, thus allowing the seller to avoid adverse  reaction to conditions that otherwise could have been avoided. 
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